Квартиры в аренду На Черноморском Курорте
Квартиры в аренду На Черноморском Курорте



Currently Dzhugba is a resort with a good climate, rich landscapes and well-developed infrastructure.
The main attraction of any resort is the beach. And such a beach like in Dzhubga - even more so. Its length is about 800 meters.


Along the beach Dzhubga entertainments are organized, such as boat tours, water attractions, scuba diving, jet skiing, yachting . You can rent a high-speed boat, also you can go fishing. On the waterfront there are cafes and restaurants for every taste. For lovers of ecotourism there are excursions to natural attractions of the region - mainly to waterfalls and gorges. And also there are horseback riding, parachute, quadricycles, jeeping, trips to bee and ostrich farms, dolphinarium, winery Abrau-Durso, and much more ...


Dzhubga's Bay borders on Cape Shapsuho from the east, and Mount (Yozhik) Hedgehog from the west, which is really very similar to this funny animal.

Near the village Bzhid, included in Dzhubga's resort area, there are two bays - Blue and Inal. Blue Bay is located approximately 5 kilometers from Dzhubga in the direction of Gelendzhik, at the point of influx of the river Bzhid into the Black Sea.


The bottom of the bay and the beach is composed of very dense greenish-gray limestone, which gives to the water a wonderful bluish tint. However, the name of the bay is coming from not only this, but also the presence of a thick layer of blue clay, entering exactly into the water. Locals and tourists find clay as healing and gladly take a mud bath.

On the coast of the Blue Bay there is a sacred fount with natural mineral water. By its properties it equated to table mineral water of Crimean type and can be used medicinally.


Natural attractions of village Dzhubga are waterfalls.


The highest are Gebiusskie waterfalls. They are incredibly beautiful, with crystal-clear waters.


Also beautiful are Colonel Waterfalls. Cascade on the Colonel creek consists of nine waterfalls in height from 1 m to 18 m. Two of them are multi-stage and one waterfall is has a cave with grown there stalactites and stalagmites.


Near the bay Inal there are Bzhidskie waterfalls. The highlight of these waterfalls is the possibility to stand under cleaning streams of this waterfall. The waters of the waterfall formed gullies which tourists called "Chalice of love and reconciliation." After cleaning with the water it is possible to come to the Wishing Tree.

In the village a water park "Dzhubga" works, in which there are more than 20 rides, adults and children's slides, pools, disco night, and entertainment programs for children. The water park in compliance with all safety standards, with trained staff. The purity of the water is kept by special filters with all the necessary ingredients.

In the area of Dzhubga there is the largest dolmen of the Caucasus. It has size: 4m x 2.5m x 3.5m. And age of dolmen is great - dates back to the III millennium BC.

Popular place in the village of Dzhubga is a Museum "Fancy of woods", the creator of which was a local craftsman woodcarving Grzelak A.M.


The museum is easy to find on the signs, which is hanging on the neck of a huge concrete dinosaur - attraction of Dzhubga, standing beside the road.


The museum has more than 1,200 exhibit items of different figurines of wood. Exhibits of the museum are the composition of bizarre snags of tree branches and roots.

Kiseleva Cliff is a unique monument of nature, the only place on the Black Sea coast, where the layers of sediments during mountain building, turned and took up a vertical position. Scala is a triangular rocky cliff jutting out into the sea, with an amazingly smooth facade of 43 meters.

Recently Dolphinarium "Nemo" was opened in Dzhubga. The complex is indoor, works year-round. Entertainment program includes a show with the participation of dolphins and sea lions, acquaintance with the dolphins (including contact and a photo session with the dolphins), as well as an exhibition of live monkeys. You can also relax at the cafe.


In addition, Dolphin has a program of rehabilitation of children with various developmental disabilities using a unique method of dolphin therapy.

Квартиры в аренду на черном море