Квартиры в аренду На Черноморском Курорте
Квартиры в аренду На Черноморском Курорте

Black Sea


The Black Sea coast is an a unique resort area of the country, stretching for a great distance from the Kerch Strait in the west to the territory of the Republic of Abkhazia in the east. Every year, on the Black Sea beaches the thousands of people rest from Russia, CIS countries and far abroad countries.

The Black Sea is surrounded by land (landlocked), but nevertheless it's not a lake: the Black Sea is connected to the Mediterranean by a narrow strait of Bosporus and by a wider strait of Dardanelles. The exchange of water with the Ocean through these straits is difficult, so in the Black Sea there is no tidal.


The Black Sea is very suitable for children. In the summer storms are rare (this is because the Black Sea is small and wind does not shake the waves). There is almost no dangerous marine animals, and there is very little salt in the sea water, and it does not sting the eyes. This is a good place to learn to dive, the first time to get acquainted with the underwater world.

Квартиры в аренду на черном море