Квартиры в аренду На Черноморском Курорте
Квартиры в аренду На Черноморском Курорте



Village Dzhubga is known as an excellent resort with a comfortable bay for swimming and a kindly climate. Due to the mountains, the forest, the river and the sea in Dzhubga the moderate-humid climate of Mediterranean type was formed. The hottest month is August (+ 26 °C). The swimming season lasts from May to October. In the Dzhubga there are 255 clear sunny days a year. Winter is rainy and mild.


The proximity to the sea makes even the hottest day not exhausting as in large metropolis, but an amazingly pleasent. Do not forget about the forests which surround the Dzhubga on all sides. Mixed forest (with a predominance of deciduous and coniferous) gives not only fresh and healthy air, especially when combined with sea air, but  also cool in summer and warm in winter.

Квартиры в аренду на черном море