Квартиры в аренду На Черноморском Курорте
Квартиры в аренду На Черноморском Курорте

Villa Dzhubga


Dzhubga is one of the most frequented resorts on the Black Sea coast. Location of Dzhubga is unique in its geographical position. The village is located at the crossing of three roads in the Tuapse area of Krasnodar region (between Gelendzhik - 80 km and Tuapse - 57 km).


The huge popularity of Dzhubga related to its good transport accessibility. The nearest airports are: Gelendzhik (80 km) and Krasnodar (120 km), the nearest railway stations are: Goryachy Klyuch and Tuapse (both 55 km away). Dozens of buses from all over the south go to the village.


As the resort, Dzhubga is developing since 60-ies of XX century, over the decades the village has changed beyond recognition and has made significant progress in the development of all types of infrastructure.


Now Dzhubga is a flowering and snug vacation place, with amazing nature and climatic conditions. The village Dzhubga is improving from year to year.


Location, environment, climate of village Dzhubga is ideal for holidays.


Holiday in Dzhubga with children is the choice of most tourists who want to rest with the family. There is everything needed for a exciting children's pleasure: dolphinarium, water park, water rides on the beach. As well as water scooters and short sea trips. Along the beach there is a new promenade, cafes and discos.

Dzhubga Beach sand and gravel, very comfortable for children and adults. The beach line is wide and enough long (about 900 meters). On the beach there are deposits of healing blue clay. And what is very importantly, the bottom of the sea in this area is flat, without the dangerous rocky ledges and large boulders; the entrance to the sea safe and comfortable.


Resting in Dzhubga, you can enjoy its magnificent flora - palm trees, bananas, magnolia, silver fir and other plants and trees make memorable the view from your window.


In general, the village Dzhubga is very well maintained and clean, but important advantage is that it is counted as the most interesting and inexpensive resorts of the Krasnodar Region. You can have a happy holiday full of impressions which will be remembered for a long time.

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